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Plant & Equipment


Our fleet of vehicles consists of lorries and vans which deliver materials to and from sites of work. All vehicles are routinely maintained, serviced and records kept. Drivers are expected to check their vehicles daily for road worthiness.



Swift Scaffolding only use materials that meet EN/BS requirements.


Tube & Fitting

As a tube and fitting specialist company we hold a substantial stock of tube. This is the most versatile material for the specialist scaffolds that we deliver, as the working level can be erected to suit any shape or size. Due to its versatility we routinely use tube on our pharmaceutical, and restoration/historical projects.



Cuplock is a system scaffold that has proved very popular due to its speed of assembly. Swift holds a large stock of cuplock as it is also highly compatable with tube and fitting.



This is another system scaffold which can be customised to suit the requirements of the job. This is very popular on our construction site projects.


Alloy Beams

These are high strength yet lightweight. They are compatable with all types of scaffolding. Swift routinely use them on restoration/historical projects where there may be a need for bridging, or there are fragile surfaces. They are also an integral part of suspended platforms, temporary roofs, cantilever scaffolds and open access birdcages.


Aluminium Tubing

We also stock aluminium tubing for technical specialist access situations. All aluminium tubing conforms to BS1139/6082.


Cuplock Stair System

This is a standard stock item for Swift Scaffolding, and is the preferred method of access and egress on major projects where ladders are prohibited by health and safety. The cuplock stair system is quick to erect and combines well with tube & fitting.


Plastic Boards

We stock plastic boards, both standard and EX rated for use in "clean room environment" or "explosive atmospheres". We import these boards from a UK scaffold supplier, and have storage areas inside certain plants. This ensures the boards stay within certain areas thereby reducing the risk of cross contamination.


Wooden Boards

Our wooden boards are banded and meet BS2482:2009 specification. They are sourced from suppliers who are commited to using sustainable resources.


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