Environmental Responsibilities

Swift is commited to continually assessing its environmental policy and implementing relevent updates as required.

Swift will cooperate with and assist to the best of its ability officers of the environment agencies. All company operations must be carried out with due regard to appropriate and relevent legal legislation.

All new materials purchased are sourced from suppliers using sustainable resources.

We endever to control noise, dust, vibration or any other nuisance which may cause offense to the local community/environment.

The company will ensure that it's vehicles and equipment are well maintainned, operated within legal limits and where possible all modifications are installed to reduce pollution, emissions and reduce energy consumption.

Careful management of all waste materials minimises its production, and where this is not possible appropriate disposal through a suitable recycling scheme will be adhered to:

Steel: All damaged steel is returned to the yard for assessment. If possible tubes are straightened and fittings are serviced and lubricated. All steel that is deemed unsafe is processed through a local and registered scrap metal facility.

Timber: In the first instance timber is cut to size for re-use. All timber that cannot be utilized for re-use is either placed in the appropriate skip on site, or is returned to the yard for recycling through a local recycling facility.

Paper: Paper usage is kept to a minimun. Any paper surplus to requirements is shredded and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.


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